Roy Rasmussen – Sculptor 

Of Danish ancestry, although firmly domiciled in England, Roy Rasmussen was among the first to pioneer the medium of aluminium in art. By marrying the skills of a craftsman with the creativity of an artist, plain sheets of aluminium are cut, beaten by hand and welded into mostly abstract shapes and forms.

Roy Rasmussen has gained an international reputation, exhibiting his work in many places throughout Europe, including Paris, Berlin; and also in North America. His work has been purchased for many private collections in different parts of the Globe. His name has long been associated with many famous West End galleries in London’s Bond Street and Mayfair areas.

The National press once compared his work alongside the famed British based sculptor, Sir Jacob Epstein; but Roy Rasmussen has gained long recognition and renown on the merits of his own style and search for idealistic perfection.  He has taken beaten and welded metal further than any artist over the past century, and no-one has explored the possibilities of aluminium as sculptural material more.